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Intoduction to Dscript
Chinese Alphabet
text above is Shakespears "Shall I compare thee to a summers day?..." The text written in the Chinese Alphabet, aka Dscript, is easy to learn. please check out the materials on this site

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Creative Commons License
Dscript by Matthew DeBlock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
I actually do not require strict attribution as the licence indicates.
I realize the "puzzle" value would be lost
I will galdly provide express exemptions for your projects
Please contact me at

<h1>The Chinese Alphabet</h1> <b>The Chinese Alphabet<b> is the newest script langaguage of the english language. If you learn Dscript you can write Dscript both verticall and horizontally. <br><br><b>The Chinese Alphabet</b> was invented by Matthew DeBlock. Matthew DeBlock invented The Chinese Alphabet while living in China and studying Chinese.<br><br> <b>The Chinese Alphabet</b> had replacement characters for all of the letters of the roman alphabet. Plus <i>Dscript</i> also includes a few charatcers for common english language letter combinations.<br><br> Learning The Chinese Alphabet is not easy, but it is worth the time invested. once learned, The Chinese Alphabet will allow the user to keep notes in dscript. dscript notes will be much more private that non-dscript notes. <a href=index.php?p=fr>Click here to enter The Chinese Alphabet</a>