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What is Dscript?

Dscript is a new form of written script based on the Roman alphabet. It uses the standard 26 letter Roman alphabet also used for the English language.

What makes Dscript particularly unique is that unlike other forms of Roman alphabet script it makes very little effort to have its characters resemble their original form, instead it focuses on conserving pen strokes and a cursive like connection of all words. There has also been considerable effort put into other aspects, such as aesthetic appearance, avoidance of ambiguity and, possibly most important, its ability to be clearly and easy written and read both vertically and horizontally.

Dscript combines all the letters of a word in what often appears to be a single symbol, similar to Chinese characters except that longer words tend to seem "stretched" (tall in the vertical form and wide in the horizontal form).

This manual focuses on the vertical form of Dscript. This is because the vertical form most differs from our standard English scripts and therefore produces the most unique appearance. I have included a basic introduction to the horizontal form, I hope to later have time to write a full manual for it, but by using the same principles used in the vertical form anyone should be able to learn it using the information in this manual.

There are also three new written number systems incorporated in Dscript. These ensure that the new written words are never ambiguous with numbers. The numbers are binary and/or cyclic representations and have three system, each used for different bases (base 10/16, base 12, and base 32).

PDF file format, right click and "save as" to download

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