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Dscript is free to use by anyone for any purpose. There are no legal reservations, royalties, fees or legal requirements whatsoever, except that you do not claim credit for its invention yourself, please attribute any credit for the design of Dscript to its original author or the website www.dscript.ca.

All content relating to Dscript and derivatives works found on this website are either original creations or modified public domain content, all of which are provided for free use, modification or redistribution with no legal reservations.

It is by no means required, but if you do use Dscript I would love to see it, and would be willing to feature any works incorporating Dscript on the Dscript website with a link to the contributing party.

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Creative Commons License
Dscript by Matthew DeBlock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at www.dscript.ca.
I actually do not require strict attribution as the licence indicates.
I realize the "puzzle" value would be lost
I will galdly provide express exemptions for your projects
Please contact me at vasten@dscript.org
the Chinese-Alphabet