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Writting tips

Writting Dscript will require alot of practice, it takes a good deal of time for a user to build the reflexes required. Some common challenges encountered in the learning process are...
  • Multiple letter forms - many letters have multiple forms, this takes a while to master, especially when it comes to choosing which form will be most visually appealing or will fit better.
  • Combinations - because Dscript letters combine into new shapes when writing Dscript you can not only "think one letter ahead". A user must plan two or more letters ahead as he is writing because sometimes the following letter will restrict the current letter in some way.
  • Strokes - Dscript incorporates many strokes that may not be familiar to the average user. I took some from Chinese and these strokes may take some practice to master. Anyone with artistic or penmanship skills should be able to master them with little effort, as for the rest of people, please be patient, it can take time to learn the correct motor skills.

At first a user will make many strokes to create a word, but with practice the number of strokes will decrease and their Dscript will become more and more cursive and fluid.

Remember, the number one rule of Dscript is "Be creative". Don't hesitate to try new ways of combining letters, but be careful never to let them be ambiguous with other letters or letter combos.

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