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Strengths and weaknesses

Dscript has many strengths but of course has weaknesses as well. Here I will try my best to provide an.objective list of the strengths and weaknesses of Dscript in detail.

  • seamless words/cursive - Dscript connects all the letters of a word into a single "glyph". This allows for clear distinction of where one word ends and another begins.
  • dual axis writing - Dscript can be written both vertically and horizontally. This allows for many inovative applications such as complex data and multidimensional representation, flexibility in confined and awkward writing spaces, aesthetic options, and many more.
  • stroke conservation - The individual letter in Dscript merge together, this merging is flexible and has been optimized to conserve as many pen strokes as possible. Of course some words may require more strokes than the standard Roman alphabet, but most words can be written with less, this allows experienced users to write faster and in smaller space than possible with other scripts.
  • multiple combination possibilities - many combinations of 2 letters have more than one form, meaning the user has a choice as to which form to use. Depending on how long a word is and the composite letter's there are often dozens of possible form of a word, sometimes hundreds.
  • 3 new number systems - with the addition of base 12,16, and 32, different values can be represented in different number systems, decreasing ambiguity and also allowing for some more complex mathematical representations and calculations.
  • letter/number distinction - letters and numbers are very distinctly different, thus eliminating problems such as determining whether something is a "1" or "l"

  • complexity - It is more complex than the roman alphabet so it requires more practice to master
  • no capitalization - there are no capital letters in Dscript, this does create some small limitations not found in the roman alphabet.
  • editing/correction - As it is a cursive script it can often be rather difficult to modify a word once it has been written

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I actually do not require strict attribution as the licence indicates.
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I will galdly provide express exemptions for your projects
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