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  • Text Generator - This tools allows you input text and outpus graphical Dscript. It is very basic and does not produce optimal results. It is just suitable as a reference or to be used when quick Dscript graphics are needed. For the highest quality of proper Dscript please download the Dscript Manual.
  • Number Generator - The number generator will help learn the new number systems, it includes all the bases available in Dscript. User input is returned in graphical form.
  • Sample Words - The sample word locator will find word similar to the input word, it will help when trying to lean how to write Dscript.
  • Writing Guide - The writing guide will show each double letter combination from the manual for the word. (eg. "write" will show "wr","ri","it" and "te").
  • Word Request - This tool will allow you submit a word request, the author will write the word by hand, scan it and email it to you.

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Creative Commons License
Dscript by Matthew DeBlock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at www.dscript.ca.
I actually do not require strict attribution as the licence indicates.
I realize the "puzzle" value would be lost
I will galdly provide express exemptions for your projects
Please contact me at vasten@dscript.org
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